Saturday, 7 February 2009

Am I Doing Something?

We talked with Sheba's mother the other day. She and Sheba's father had been to a day-long conference where our amazing friend John Forbes was speaking.

Over the phone, Sheba's mother said that she had learned from John what the meaning of AIDS is: Am I Doing Something?

John has just finished off a week of ministry in Vishakapatnam. He shared at churches, spoke in schools, met people who are living with HIV and talked to lots of new folks who are working with HIV or are interested to do work.

John is an innovator and path-finder. Living with HIV since 2002, John pioneers new places - listening to the heart of God and encouraging others to share the love of Jesus - especially with people living with HIV/AIDS. John shares from his own life story - but does not stop there - he is always learning - challenging and looking for ways that people can bring the true love of Jesus into situations marred by HIV.

In Vishakapatnam, John visited a clinic run by Neerakshana, a Hyderabad-based charity which reaches out to people with HIV. A short account of John's visit can be seen by clicking: here.

Last year John was in India (3 times), South Africa, China / Tibet, Peru, and the US of course. This year he is already back in India and due for another trip at the end of the year. In the meantime, John is planning a trip up to Nepal and the Tibetan border from this side. HIV circles the globe - and there are folks everywhere who need to be encouraged to get off their back-sides and obey the commands of our loving Lord (just look at 1 John 3:16-18 and James 1.27 for examples).

AIDS. Am I Doing Something?

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