Thursday, 5 February 2009

Its a girl!

Stefan and Neeru were blessed with a baby girl this afternoon at 2.30 PM.

How totally appropriate that two wonderful people, who care so deeply for the right of any child to be born - and especially girl children - would be blessed with a lovely little girl!

We do not have all the details yet - but we know that Neeru went into labour this morning. They admitted her at St. Stephens hospital in Delhi.

Stefan a text message around noon saying she was admitted at the hospital - and had joined a labour union! Oma was on hand and was looking after Ashish. Father had found a gang of Emmanuel Hospital Association and quotables in the hospital cafeteria and was exchanging notes with them when the news of the birth came!

But then the next thing we heard was that the deed was done. A baby girl was born! Oh the joy! The delight of another life who we have seen prayed into the world.

What hope lies wrapped around this child. What horizons she will head towards. What hope and glory she will swirl around her. What constellations of people will she touch...

We are so proud - in the best possible way - for Stefan and Neeru. Fare thee well sweet girl. Grow in grace and love and joy.

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  1. WOW! That's really great to know. I'll have to email him congrats!