Thursday, 16 January 2014


My dear Asha
13 years have slipped silver-fish quick
Through our fingers since
You announced your arrival with the quietest
Of cries on a cold Jharkhand morning

Today I see a young woman
Quick-silver mind, voracious book-swallower
Looking back at who I was at your age
I catch-breath awe at your spick-span-neat school-books
Your easy joy in explaining a mathematical concept or
A set of grammatical terms
Especially when you have a pupil or two
As you work the white-board
From whence came such as this?

With bow in hand music flows
Your inner ear attuned
Discipline added
Multiplied in my sight as a miracle
You reading notes off a page and playing them 
First time
Like my eyes seeing pictures 
From small squiggles of black on white

Speak nothing of the deeper grace, the kindness of heart
Still developing, still questing forward

Dear daughter
Dear child of Christ
Drink deep and live full

Thirteen sun-spins are done
We step into the next today
Your mother and your brother and I
(and many others besides)
Are so very glad
For you


  1. Happy birthday, Asha!

    Beautifully crafted words, Andi! May God bless each of you, and especially Asha as she steps into the next year.

    Looking forward to meeting you all sometime...

  2. Happy Birthday Asha dear! You are loved!

  3. Asha, you are part of a God fearing legacy. May God continue to shower your life with many happy birthdays.

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY...........dear Asha , You are a jewel in the crown , a precious child of GOD!