Wednesday, 12 June 2013


Today our nestlings left the nest... again.

Not 'for forever' of course (that may take place in as soon as 5 years from now... gulp).

But for their first day of school of this academic year.

Asha has started her 7th standard, and Enoch has been promoted to 'high school' and is in 5th.  Both were excited last night and woke up early, early.

School starts at 7 AM and being the first day everyone wants to be early.  I was instructed the night before by Asha that we were to leave at 6.30 AM.  And we did.

But first we had to do what is shaping into a family tradition.

Over the last few days there have been subtle and not-so-subtle demands by the junior Eichers for 'cones.'

When I started school, on my first day of the Cathedral and Connon Infant School on Malabar hill, I was given a large (at least I think it was) paper cone with sweets in in.  This is the famous German 'Zuckertuete' ('sugar bag') which helps reluctant German school boys (and girls I think too) overcome their fear and tears on the first day of school.

Fast forward to Asha's first day - and she got a 'Zuckertuete' too - as did Enoch.  But now we have an issue - when Enoch got his, Asha wanted one too.  And so now we have - for better or for worse - what looks like is cementing in as a rock-solid Eicher tradition:  the Zuckertuete regardless of how young or old you are.

Here is what it looked like today:

And here are our scholars.  Minus their socks, shoes and ID tags (and bags full of brand new books of course), but bearing their loot - and a big 5.55 AM grin to help them jump into this year's academics!

Perhaps when Asha starts her Post Doc, her Dad will wheel around and present her with a big bag of goodies to help her overcome the fear of her lab-mates?

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