Thursday, 20 June 2013

Baby Adam is growing up... and its time for the next round of surgeries!

There are many amazing people among the 7 billion plus God's-image-bearers that currently populate our blue planet.  One family that we have the privilege of praying for are Raja and Jessica with their lovely sons Adam and Elliot.  

Adam is a testimony of grace.  Adam was abandonned by his birth-parents in Assam after it was clear that he had multiple deformities, he was adopted by Raja and Jessica who were working at the hospital that looked after Adam in his early days.   They write about their experiences here.  Currently the family is in the US for the next round of surgeries for Adam.  Here is a letter from them.  Do pray and see what you can do to partner with this remarkable family!

Raja and Jessica here. We wanted to update you all on the happenings of our lives.

We are currently in the US for the summer. It has been 13 months since our last season in the US.

This was surely a full year and we glimpsed our Lord's hands in magnificent ways. Adam has grown and matured so much. It is amazing to see our Lord nourish and strengthen him. He will turn 2 years in September. Our precious son, Elliot Justice, was born and will be a year in September. Our year was full of bike rides, discovering shadows, and learning to press into the heart of Jesus as a Father. We long to love these boys well and we pray such a strong friendship and brotherhood between those 2.

If Adam was used by our Lord to teach us so much on Hope, Elliot surely has been a tool to teach us Joy. And we are so thankful.

We also had a precious girl, Meena, live with us for this past year. Her story is one of incredible heartache yet also threaded with such Hope and evidence of our Lords pursuing Love and Redemption plan for mankind. She is currently living in Musoorie, India and has been hired at a Christian cafe, called Chaaya Cafe. She will work there for at least 6 months and then consider whether she will continue there or something else. We are full of hope for her future and trust our Abba Father to continue to provide for her. We surely miss her (as do Adam and Elliot) but feel as though there is such a purpose to this time away and her time working towards independence.

We returned to the US in mid-May to rest and recover before Adam's surgeries start. We have a full week of appointments coming up. On Friday the 14th and Tuesday the 18th, we have 10 appointments with different specialists re: surgery planning. For the most part, this years surgeries will be cleft palate repair, L eye surgery, and planning for prosthesis. There will be a lot of therapies involved as well. They also plan to evaluate Adams tracheostomy tube and whether it can be replaced with a different type (to help him talk) or if it can be removed.

It is hard to speak of his surgeries without acknowledging the incredible financial need pending. We have been told that $150,000 is needed to be raised for this year's surgeries. This is a predicted amount to cover all surgeries, doctor fees, medications, etc. At times, we are tempted to give into doubt and questioning. But we have to trust that "He who began a good work is faithful to bring it to completion" and that He is surely our Provider. We have seen such incredible purpose to Adam's life. He has been  such a picture of the Gospel to us and thousands of others again and again. We trust that Jesus is at work and that He will be faithful to provide all that is needed. 

We share these things with you because we want to ask you again to walk in faith with us. First of all, would you consider partnering with us in prayer and encouragement? We surely need it. Secondly, would you consider giving, if you are in a place to give? And could you share the word with your friends? We are prepared to see Him move mountains and would love for you to be a part of this journey with us.

You can find ways to give at our family blog, (click the button that says "click to give")

Also, you can subscribe to the blog and receive all updates, regularly, through your email inbox, but typing your email address into the option that says "Follow baby adams journey by email".

***If you would rather not go thru the blog link, there is a direct link to the Medical Foundation as well.

All funds continue to be collected thru the Medical Foundation of NC. Their website is here:

Also, if you have ideas for fundraising, please share. We are open to ideas;)

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