Monday, 9 July 2012

Skeleton staff

There are two very sick HIV Positive Friends being looked after at the Jeevan Sahara Kendra tonight.

And that too while running the JSK Care Centre with but the most skeleton of skeleton staff.

But first the Positive Friends.  Tapesh is a 40 year old man who has known he has had HIV since 1998.  He has taken various treatments over the years - mainly from what we would call quacks who promised cures.  Now he is sick.  Very sick.  Sheba has diagnosed leptospirosis.  We are really not equipped to deal with such a disease and have asked the family to shift him to a higher centre.  They have refused.  His mother is the only one looking after him.  His brother says that he himself has a fever and cannot take Tapesh.  This intelligent and articulate man has high spikes of fever.  We are trying our level best.  And praying.

Stars on the JSK ceiling remind us of our Positive Friends
 who have died - we don't want to add Tapesh and
Karuna's names to this memorial....
Karuna is a widow with two small children.  Yesterday she came to a gospel meeting that our church holds on Sunday night.  She was shivering badly yesterday evening. We admitted her today. She is very sick.  Her platelet counts are dropping.  Does she have dengue fever?  Who will help her with blood transfusions if she needs them?  She does not have anyone with her at the hospital. Only two young children.

And on top of this our main nurse Agnes is sick with fever.  So Sashmita did a 12 hour shift from 6 AM.  And now has had to come back to do IV lines in the night.  Tomorrow she faces another 12 hour shift.  Pray that Agnes will get better.  Pray for Sashmita - and for Sunita our nurse-aide who is on duty tonight.

We need to have new people come along side us.  We cannot continue like this.

Sheba says that we will have to really spend time in prayer tonight.  I totally agree.

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