Thursday, 17 November 2011


At the beginning of every month Asha and Enoch eye the mail box expectantly.

When will this month's edition of Tinkle magazine come?

When the cherished white plastic cover is seen - the mag is quickly devoured by our eager readers.  And read again and again over the next few weeks.

The past few months have seen our twosome looking especially eagerly at one section of the mag - the "Shout-out Soap-box" where children write about things that matter to them.

This week there were squeals of delight in the Eicher household - Asha's letter had been published in the November 2011 issue.

Written together with her friend Noopur - the letter had been sent eons ago - but now finally it appeared.

Asha's first taste of being published.


  1. Congratulations to Asha and Noopur for being published! I totally agree with their letter too, and wish we had bike paths here in NC. When we were in Oregon, there were bike paths everywhere, but here it is very dangerous to ride cycles.

  2. Congratulations from Shalom, Charis, Angel and myself... I had one of my questions published in the Tinkle quite long back. I can imagine the excitement...

  3. Thanks friends! Here's to many more letters being published!

  4. asha dear,congratulations!!!
    very happy for u:)