Thursday, 15 July 2010


Thanks for the notes of concern about my health. I am very much on the road to recovery and was able to start work again yesterday after only a day away!

The highlight of my sick day was a visit to the Lok Hospital ENT doctor about my ear. She took a look into it and asked me whether I used cotton ear-buds to clean them. I sheepishly admitted that I did. The sheepishness was because I was talking to the same doctor who had just a month previously suctioned out a wad of wax from Enoch's ear. That wax had been compacted next to the ear drum due to my cleaning his ears with ear-buds.

The doctor then put her instrument in my ear and showed me on the monitor how I had a blockage too and that it had become infected. She suggested that she try and suction it out. I agreed. In went the small tube and then a few seconds later she had something rather large at the end - and I could hear *so* much better.

What she had was the end of a cotton ear-bud - that had made its home in my ear. How long ago? Who knows. A granuloma had developed and I am now on a 5 day antibiotic course to work through the infection.

Embarassed? Of course. But so very grateful for the opportunity to be free from the swelling and discomfort in my ear. And very glad for the short but vital procedure that Dr. Nandita did for me at Lok Hospital.

And so I am able to respond to people with the cheery: "Yes, I am very much better. Thank you!"

And thank God!

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  1. My father sees a lot of ear infections as a family doc. He always says not to put anything smaller than your knee in your ear to make his point! He gets a lot of eye rolls, but....

    Glad you're feeling better!