Sunday, 29 March 2015

Small steps forward

We take so many things for granted.

Caring for Dad has helped me appreciate anew the many, many daily activities that just flow into each other - action after action done without thinking, and usually without giving thanks.  

Waking up, rolling out of bed without a second thought, being able to read, eating food, preparing food, being able to help clean up the house, breathing, going to the toilet without problems, choosing my clothes, being able to go down and buy some vegetables from the vendours outside, and then being able to go back at once if I have forgotten something, being able to drive our beloved (and slightly dented) Papaya... all things done with so much freedom.

In fact, since I last wrote on Friday night - I have been to Delhi and back!  What a miracle to leave Dad's room No. 511 at Bethany Hospital at 4 AM on Saturday morning and walk into the CANA board meeting at 9.05 AM at civil lines in old Delhi - and then have an early morning meeting with Anna Ho of Reconciled World at 6.30 AM this morning and then walk back into Dad's hospital room at 1 PM and find him sitting on the bed, getting physiotherapy!   In the mean time, I had used taxi, airplanes, busses, metros, cycle rickshaws, Stefan's car, lots of walking and finally an autorickshaw too (I guess only horses and camels are not on the list).

For Dad, in the mean time, his daily walks are becoming a little longer and more independent each day.  He is still carrying various bags - and uses a stretch belt to support his abdomen - but each step is a step forward to recovery and healing.   We are so glad for every step he takes and cherish the earnest prayers on Dad's behalf for his innards to meld well.

These pictures are actually from Friday - today Dad walked independently.  We are looking forward to less external tubes - and more of his own living tubing to function fully.  Won't you take a moment and thank God for all the living tubes inside you that are busy doing their things well!


  1. The Lord heals. That is the promise.
    In Prayer

  2. we are eagerly waiting to hear that days 5-8 have indeed passed as the surgeon hoped, with the beginnings of healing in all the right places. much love - chris and miranda