Monday, 9 March 2015


Our lives are just about to take another pretty big change - but more on that tomorrow.

Let's just go back a few hours.   To yesterday afternoon.  One of the rare picnics we manage to do.  Normally we have guests with us - but this time it was only the five of us.   We wandered into the national park - and over to the 'nature interpretation centre.'  It was padlocked as usual - and not a soul around.  Fine with us.

A late lunch was in order - hot methi-parathas and dahi, sweet-black-water (a.k.a. pepsi), watermelon.
The Warden and the Wolf KingAnd then to find a quiet place under the trees for our latest book.  Its been a while since we read a page-turner, but we certainly have one now... The Warden and the Wolf King by Andrew Peterson.   Our dear friend Ben Davy had gifted us the first 3 volumes of this series... and last year Andrew Peterson finished the 4th and final one - much to the delight of his no. 1 fan Enoch Eicher.  And so when the book appeared at Enoch's birthday, his joy knew no bounds (and the pestering began for us to dive into it... which we finally did last week).

So there we were, on our backs, looking up into the leaves upon leaves above us.  The words of the book drifting over us, taking us into another world.

And I realised again just how beautiful God has made the colour green.  How many shades we see when we look up.  How pleasing to the eye.  How wonderfully pixilated, deftly repeated green upon green with branches swaying and allowing the late afternoon sun to glaze green with gold.

Do we need to look up more?  Definitely.

Green is in short supply.

And life is just about to take another pretty major turn for us Eichers.

Stay tuned...

P.s. the photo of the trees was not taken yesterday - our camera is on the blink - its a shot from some months ago - same National Park - different place - very different trees - but it will have to do...  jugaad!

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