Thursday, 26 March 2015

Back to the 5th floor

For the third time in three weeks, Dad is back on the 5th floor of the Bethany hospital.   We shifted him out of the intensive care unit at around 11 this morning - and he is now living in room no. 511 and blessed with being the bed next to the window.

It is blessedly quiet for Dad after the non-stop beeping of the vital signs monitoring equipment that formed the aural wallpaper of the ICU.  Dad is full of praise for the care that he has received and is in awe of the complexity of post-op care - with so many different folks doing so many things.

The sheer number of tubes and bags that Dad has continues to amaze us all.  Even after unhooking the ECG monitoring wires, Dad still feels that he is 'like a Christmas-tree' when he goes for the short walks he has been asked to start taking.

His pain medications continue to work well - and we have a real survivor who is in the process of healing.  Dad is tired and Mum has been their this afternoon fending off visitors by engaging them in conversation so that Dad does not have to summon up the energy to pour into their lives (which is his default option).   We would prefer no visitors this week as Dad is weaker than he looks (and feels at times).  Prayer is the most powerful tool - and God never tires of hearing us talking to Him!

Stefan flew back to Delhi today - a great blessing he was to us all!  Asha and Enoch had exams this morning and are blessed with a 'study holiday' tomorrow, so we are a bit more relaxed this evening as a family.  We just finished our evening prayers (we are reading in Ezra - and were impressed by a man who devoted himself to learning, practicing and sharing the word of God).  Before that Enoch and I dropped Asha off for her violin class and we read 'The Warden and the Wolf King" while waiting for her.  A shopping stop at our trusty D-mart and then home to a delicious chicken biryani that Sheba somehow whipped up (with the help of Yohan).

family prayers 2 nights ago - picture taken by Stefan

So I am off to relieve Mum and take the night shift at Bethany Hospital with Dad.  These are days of miracle and wonder...   We are so grateful for the many evidences of grace.

We continue to cherish prayers for Dad's full and complete recovery.  He is still very weak and needs much healing from 'the skillful wounds' that he received on Monday which were done to try and extend his life on earth...


  1. Praise God for His goodness and mercies. Thanking God for beginning to heal uncle Ray. Praying for complete healing on Uncle Ray. Luv Gibu and Alphy

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  3. We are continuing to pray for full and complete recovery. Thank you so much for the updates Andi.

  4. As, I continue update people here in Mussoorie and Dehradun.... People have been praying for Dad, mr. BLANK CALLS me often to know about dad... Mr. Datt Is encouraging Vicky almost everyday. Uncle shyam dayal, uncle Vijay and bulah aunt, Rajesh masish, David masih, uncle Row, PS. Timorhy, PS. Kapoor and various have been constantely praying for Dad...