Monday, 16 March 2015

Good day / good night

"No news is good news" goes the old saying.  Well, we don't quite go along with that old saw.

But what may seem "small news" - may be some very good news, especially when we add up many, many evidences of grace.

A few glimpses from today:

Dad wearing a crisp, clean, new white kurta that Mum bought for him this morning.

A fridge stuffed with food - where it is hard to fit things in.  God has been so gracious to us.

Yohan's smile - that heart bursting flash of teeth which is so at odds with all that our son has experienced in the first 10 years of his life.

Sheba surprising her driving instructor by her proficiency at driving despite the 10 day 'break' in lessons (a number of days which she practiced using our Papaya - with me right beside her).

Seeing my beautiful daughter wake up after her afternoon nap.

Enoch's honest sweatiness after he had taken Yohan down for playing badminton.

Yohan's delight in getting '10 stars' for having written his three letter words right (Mummy-teacher deserves 10 stars too - make that 100 stars esp. as she is also coaching Asha and Enoch towards their year-ending exams at the end of this month).

Mum's chinese noodle dish for supper - prompting all and sundry to hail her as a 'genius' and make the G-sign with our fingers (with one person making it on the plate with a noodle).

Various calls during the day from people concerned and praying for Dad and Mum.   We see such a legacy of care that they have sown over the years...

Having colleages at JSK tell me about another HIV testing camp they have taken the initiative to organise.

An evening family devotion where we can travel back in time to be with Ezra and the Jewish exiles coming back to rebuild their lives - and see so many parallels with our lives today.

The great joy I have to see Sheba ministering with a patient at JSK - I don't need to hear what they are saying to know that she is helping and blessing them.

Walking outside in the golden evening sun with Dad.  A few rounds in the building complex, telling him things that I don't tell others.  Him wearing his crisp kurta and a black shoulder bag - which artfully concealed his bile bag and the tube that comes out of his side. 

Dishes washed, clean and ready for tomorrow.   The beginning of the sambhar that Sheba will be making for the Bible study tomorrow evening at Shanti's home.  Going out into the night to get drum-sticks and karrya-patta for it - talking to the banana-seller as the night cars drive by.

The list goes on.  In a world of where so much which is wrong is hailed as being right - it is very good to be able to feed on so many good things - all which flow from our loving Father.

And so a good day slips into a good night.

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