Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Mini-update on Dad

Dear Friends,

Dad underwent the ERCP procedure this morning - an endoscopy down into the intestine under full anaesthesia where Dr. Stephen Alfred wanted to put in a 'stent' - a small tube to drain the fluid from Dad's common bile duct which is being obstructed by the growth.

Dr. Stephen reported to us that the mass was very firm and despite trying to push the guide wire around the edges of the mass for 40 minutes - he was unable to do so and so stopped since he did not want to inflame the pancreas or cause a rupture of the intestinal wall.

Stefan arrived from Delhi while the procedure was being done and is with us at present.   We have called up Neeru to brief her on the situation and have just responded with an email update to Premi who is also concerned about Dad's condition.

Mum, Stefan, Sheba and I are meeting with Dr. Stephen at 5 PM to make a decision about the next step.  At this point it looks like we will probably go forward with major surgery tomorrow.  Thank you for your prayers in this matter.  We wish we had better news to share - but deeply appreciate every prayer on Dad's behalf. 

Dad is in his God-given positive cheerful frame of mind.  He does not have any pain - and other than a mild soreness the endoscopy does not seem to have caused discomfort.  The 'complaint' he has which he brings up jokingly to the nurses is that we wants to drink coffee but has to make do with IV fluids!  Dr. Uttam Mohapatra commented on facebook that Dad seems to have an 'in built tranquiliser.'  I think it is a gift from God Himself.

Each of your prayers is very cherished.  Please forgive our inability to respond to all the emails and smses - but each is very much appreciated.

So please pray specifically as we meet with Dr. Stephen as a family.

With love from all of us

p.s.  will try and update this evening on the decision and the next steps....


  1. Praying at this time of uncertainty

  2. With you all in thought and prayer. Kathy Hoffmann