Friday, 6 June 2008

Beloved kids

With Adam and Jo just about to get into the airplane and fly off to the UK on Monday, Enoch and Asha are about to lose two beloved friends: Freya and Alistair. The frolicsome twosome came over this week to spend time with our kids - and everyone enjoyed themselves thoroughly.

Asha the teacher supervised Freya's drawing (for under 10 minutes - since Freya then wanted to do something else). Duplo blocks were brought out. Colouring books coloured. Stories read. A small tea-party held. General roughhousing. House-house. The list goes on... it is marvellous what the imagination of children holds.

After a small lunch there was a time of practical cleaning with Freya and Asha in full swing. Not only did the dishes get cleaned - the floor did too (and I think the washers were also a shade cleaner by the end of it)!

Asha ended off the time with a story by Enid Blighton - Noddy - none of her hearers went to sleep - despite looking intensely comfortable!

We will all be missing Alistair and Freya (who was born here in Thane). When will our kids see them next? In their tweens? As adults? We hope much earlier.

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