Monday, 9 June 2008

Another ending

Mr. Langru died on Friday.

We were in our afternoon staff meeting and had discussed his case. He was unconscious and his wife refused to visit him in the government hospital. We had suggested she bring him to the Jeevan Sahara Kendra facility so that at least some dignity could be experienced by Mr. Langru.

She refused.

She was afraid that in her absence their things would be stolen from her pavement hovel.

Rahul and Shanti had gone to visit Mr. Langru’s brother to try and persuade him to do something. Though he had previously refused – saying he would only come after Mr. Langru died to do the last rites – he actually paid a short visit, but nothing else.

In reviewing Mr. Langru’s condition, one of the staff pointed out that he had said a simple prayer to Jesus before he had slipped into the comatose state he was in.

We talked and prayed about the situation. I told our staff that we had done what we could. It was heartbreaking, but this is the reality that so many face. Mr. Langru had been spared from death – but his return to health and work only lead to a bitter slipping back into alcohol. His bridges were burned. Other than our staff who visited him in the hospital he had no one.

As we finished the meeting some time later – a call came for Sheba. It was Mr. Langru’s wife. He had died. She wanted our staff Rahul to come and help.

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