Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Spare a prayer

Spare a prayer for Mr. Langru.

He is currently lying in a hospital cot in the Thane Civil Hospital. Next to the latrine. With another man with him in his bed.

There is no one to look after him. The nurses have given up. They say that since no one is there with Mr. Langru there is nothing they can do.

Our staff visited Mr. Langru. They found that both the men were struggling with each other. The other man is semi-comatose and has pus from open wounds. They help pull them apart and looked after Mr. Langru. Gave him a massage. Talked to him. Sat him up.

What Mr. Langru has most is a poverty of relationships. His financial poverty is there - and his poverty of health means that he is not likely to last the month. But these are but the bitter fruit of multiple destructive decisions and situations he and others around him have made.

Is there a way out? For all intents and purposes it seems unlikely. But we must keep trying. We have seen Mr. Langru make decisions totally against what we have advised - and are not surprised to see the horrible situation he is in - but that should not - must not stop our love - in whatever way possible.

Our staff are trying to get Mr. Langru's brother to visit him and care for him. We are working with his wife - who has suffered much abuse and denigration from him. We are talking to God.

Spare a prayer for Mr. Langru.

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