Thursday, 26 June 2008

Ambition: starting early

When does the rat race actually start? Pretty early it seems.

We got a call today after Asha came home from school. It was from a girl in her class who lives in our housing complex. She said that by mistake Asha's school diary had got into her bag, and she and her mother were coming over to give it.

When the lady brought her daughter to the door with the diary - it was clear that they were not just going to hand over the book and leave. A barrage of questions were fired out: how does Asha study? is she good in her studies? does she go to tuitions? what books does she use? what does Sheba do? who teaches Asha? and on and on.

Here is the rub. Its quite possible that this lady told her child to put Asha's diary in her bag on purpose - in order to open the door.

No proof of course - only the mother's overwhelming presence and pushy nature - but not at all outside the realm of possibility.

Welcome to the world of success - is it any surprise that people follow the dictum of "you got to step on a lot of heads to get to the top!"

How different from: Godliness with contentment is great gain!

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