Tuesday, 17 June 2008


One of the great joys we have is to see our children developing.

Enoch has taken to running. We are reading about Eric Liddell as a family and saw Chariots of Fire in Mussoorie – and he is inspired. He runs with his head back and chest out. Its great style though how fast? Asha has mastered a slightly wobbly but growingly confident straight line on her bicycle. Turning and braking are still challenges, but that’s what learning is about!

The big news this month for Asha, however, is her violin.

Mum and Dad had brought a ¼ sized violin for Asha 3 years ago after Dr. Joseph Samuel suggested we start Asha out early on the violin. We then discovered a wonderful teacher living close to us: Elaine, who ministers to children at the Jeevan Asha centre and is the wife of Pastor Benny from Covenant Blessings Church. She felt that Asha was a bit too small – and there were some health problems too so we waited.

The wait was sure worth it.

This month Asha started classes with Elaine. What a joy to learn from a person who loves – really loves – music. By accompanying Asha, Sheba has also attended the classes and now supervises the daily practice. It’s a complete package – learning music in its fullness – rather than just scraping the fiddle. Asha is thrilled and loves everything about it. Having seen the Woodstock School orchestra in full swing these past holidays helped stoke her appetite.

We are in for a long and wonderful exploration of music.

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