Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Reflection - the Gallery!

I have many, many reasons to be proud of my brother.

Here is another one: he is running an art gallery!

Last week saw the opening of Reflection - an art gallery and studio space that Stefan and his merry band of Kingdom artists are developing. The achievement is stupendous - it is one thing to write and teach about art - and a totally different kettle of fish to actually produce, display and market it!
The first show was a private one, displaying the "Sanctity of Life" works that were done last year at the art camp that Stefan helped organise. But what a start - a display space full of challenging pictures - a buzz about all sorts of ways of reaching out - a discovery process about how the whole funny game of putting monetary value to works of art - its all there and has all gotten a big kick start.

Here's to you Stefan and Neeru! For daring to dream and for putting faith in Father God to make these dreams take root!

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  1. Wow! What stunning, beautiful, amazing, inspiring art. And how cool to see Stefan's gallery.

    Thanks for posting the pictures.