Sunday, 23 March 2008

The Canon and the Cake

Saturday nights are youth nights at the Eichers.

This evening we had a debate - the group split into two groups. One group argued that the Bible as we know it is authentic and reliable and that the 66 books deserve to be included in the canon. The other group took the opposite view-point. It was encouraging to see the seriousness with with our youth went at it. The actual debate was a bit uneven - but we know that the process helped each person know what they believe.

After the debate, it was time for cake.

Thomas Daniel turned 25 today. There was a delicious cake and candles - and a very loooooong birthday song. There is a lot of love for Thomas in the air.

We are blessed to have Thomas as part of the youth group as well as to worship with him every Sunday at our house-fellowship which meets at Jolly and Suma's house in Samata Nagar.

Thomas is a quiet giant. The tallest of us all, his well-pre-pared contributions to the Sunday worship have been a great blessing.
His encouragement of others and gentle nature are a balm.

Though his life has been anything but easy in the first quarter century, we know that God has wonderful plans ahead of him.

As Thomas finishes off his computer engineering studies - and awaits the results of the placement process - we congratulate him and ask the the Lord will really use him for His glory.

The apostle Thomas - known for his doubting - ended up coming to India. St. Thomas' life ended in martyrdom - but that after establishing the church in India - a good 2 millenia ago. Where will his 25 year old name-sake be taken?

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