Sunday, 2 March 2008


There is a tremendous blessing locked into the colour green.

As we look out our balcony, from the 7th floor vantage of our flat, we see a huge bank of houses on the other side.

But infront of us - oh, so blessedly - a park with large trees - and lots of eye-soothing green.

Our small balcony garden, mirrors this in a rather forlorn way. The current set of plants are rather pitiful examples of plants that survive with very little care.

Case in point is a mimosa vine, lovingly brought from Vishakapatnam 2 years ago. It died a forlorn death a few months ago and was languishing as a sad little duo of dried twigs. But yesterday - lo and behold - a new bud emerged! Hope springs eternal.

Let us thank God for green things!

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