Saturday, 22 March 2008

Holi day

Holi revellers at Happy Valley complex - where we live
We were due to have our last session of the church members training in HIV care today. When planning this time we did not notice that the day fell on Holi. James D'Costa made calls to all the participants. One of the responses was - "you are post-poning because of Holy Saturday?" - "No" said James "because of Holi".

Today was a day when everything outside ground to a stand-still. Anyone is game for being smeared with what is often toxic colours. Bura mat mano - Holi hai - don't take offense - it is Holi - is the phrase used. Sadly for most people it is tied up with fear - and the overwhelming strength of the majority. In popular consciousness - it is a festival of gaeity and good natured jesting - where colour is spread with much joy. The really galling thing about Holi is how much it allows people to do things they would otherwise not. Trains are pelted with mud and stones. Coloured water is sprayed on walls - and remains there - months later. The beast within is very close to the surface for most of us.

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