Tuesday, 4 March 2008


We have been blessed to have Mary helping us in the home the last 6 months.

Mary has a broken family relationship and was looking for a place to spend her day time and earn a bit too. The local creche sent her to us. We thought and prayed for a long time before saying yes. She has been a great blessing and having her at home - doing many of the basic chores - picking up the kids from the bus - making chappatis for the evening - has given Sheba and I the flexibility to be able to be at JSK and that too for Sheba often beyond her 'working hours.'

Mary has a home and a son and daughter-in-law, but they are not on speaking terms - and she does not want them to know she is working in a home - as she feels that they will use it to torment her. We respect her wishes - but are so saddened and pray that she will have the courage to trust in Jesus enough to forgive her son and his wife - and be trully reconciled. Her 60+ years and poor health would indicate that the time is now rather than later. Out of respect for her - we are not showing her full photo on this site. People without HIV also have a range of confidentiality issues that we try and respect.

2 weeks ago Mary said that she would not be coming anymore. She was feeling too old and had lots of pains. The long walk from the bus-stop was hurting her legs. We prayed for a replacement. None has come so far.

On the last day of February we suggested requested her to help out another 2 months - till the kids finish this term, while we look for someone else. We suggested we could also help a bit towards an autofare to help with the walking. She agreed. We are looking.

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