Thursday, 3 January 2008


We got back from Paradise and are faced again with the virus.

On one hand its all very depressing and sad.
- The 26th of December saw another of our friends die.
- One of our long-term positive friends who was able to start a job - is now back on alcohol since he gets daily wages.
- Today one of our staff went to Mr. Babulnath's house and picked up the container into which our nurses had deposited the dirty syringe after giving him his injection as part of his TB meds. The house is empty after his death as the family have moved back to the village.
- Another positive friend with a CD4 count of 15 (!) got himself discharged from hospital because he did not like the food there and is back on the streets with his dispirited wife.
- A person who we have seen many times in our society came with the news that a releative of theirs is sick - with HIV - and they heard we do something - can we help.

The list goes on. Where does it - and when will it end.

Makes us want to go back to our parent's place in Vishakapatnam again.

And yet, this is why we are here.

We are here to see what can be done - and to face the challenges bravely and with hope. We know that many of the friends we are in touch with have intensely broken lives - and must not give in to the hopelessness that seems to shroud so many of the situations.

There is hope. It is dispensed through the faulty and limited people that we are. It is grounded in the reality of a loving God whose hands are pierced - not for self-mutilation - but because of His great on-going love for us.

We are in the right place. At the right time.

Lord, may you find us with our hands on the plough - while the day lasts.

This virus will pass. But may we be found doing all we can while there is still time to bring about healing and reconciliation.

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