Thursday, 24 January 2008

A jungle path prayer

Heard this morning:

Rahul, one of our JSK staff, was called last week by a partner organisation.

We had referred "Noreen" and her daughter "Ovi" to these dear folk for terminal care. They now called and said that they were not able to handle them - Noreen was too sick - and that we should take them back.

Rahul had picked up Noreen's husband 'Ram' from an AIDS hospice and went to the far-off rural site where the organisation was looking after Noreen.

As he went in to talk with the person in charge - the staff of the organisation already put Noreen into the auto-rickshaw. She had bad diarrhea and they told Rahul to take her and put her in a government hospital.

A phone call to us at the JSK centre - we said that we had sent her to the organisation for end-of-life care. To take her now to a hospital was pointless. We suggested that Rahul ask them to care for her some more in her last days.

Ram was crying.

Rahul just did not know what to do. The authorities were firm - you brought her to us - you take her away. Do whatever you have to do.

Rahul remembered Jesus. He told Ram to wait - and that something would work out. He then took a small walk along the jungle path next to the place. Noreen remained in the rickshaw. Rahul talked to God.

The idea came to try again at the hospice that Ram was staying at. They had previously looked after Noreen and discharged her because they could not cope with her psychiatric behaviour. We had previously enquired about whether they would be willing to take her back.

It seemed a long shot, but Rahul phoned up.

Yes. They were willing to take her back and care for her.

Out in the middle of now-where. With a woman suffering from uncontrollable diarrhea. With no apparent options in sight. God had opened a window of hope.

Rahul came back and told Ram that they were taking Noreen to where Ram had come from.

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