Monday, 28 January 2008

Bring in the clown

I can't remember exactly the last time I went to a circus.

On Saturday we passed the big tent of the Kohinoor circus while on our way the to EMFI Christian Doctors conference -and I realised it would have been near the end of my first decade - and now here I am almost at finishing my fourth!

The big animal acts have been stopped in India. No more roaring (and usually fairly mangey) lions and tigers. No more gigantic elephants. In their place we have horses and dogs. And Russians. The last 2 decades have seen various circusses importing Russians to add special appeal - usually trapeze or ice-skaters - both allow for spectacle and skimpy costumes..

At the Eicher's home this morning, however, it was circus time again. Enoch was to go to his class as a clown. Later in the morning Sheba and Asha were able to visit the 'Jumbo Circus' that the teachers had organised in Enoch's class. A splendid time was had by all. Sheba along with the other parents were asked to do activities ranging from artistic (making a pin-point picture) to the aesthetic (twirling a hula hoop). She was given a star on her hand by Enoch's teacher - we won't reveal which activity deserved the prize!

There is of course the special poignancy of a clown. As I put on the war paint on Enoch this morning (enjoying myself thoroughly) I had to wonder about those who do this for a living. The many dwarf-people who find the circus as one of the only places where they are accepted and able to earn - and yet where they are the butt of people's laughter all day long.

"I am Peppy the Clown, I never see anyone frown" said Enoch today. How true is that in reality? The real ones will see at least one person frown - their reflection in the mirror at the beginning and end of their day.

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  1. Impressive face painting! Quite the artist buried inside you there somewhere!

    -- Doug W