Monday, 14 January 2008


We have done a fair bit of flying as a family recently.

After our lovely vacation with Amma and Appa in Vishakapatnam, we 4 Eichers had lunch with them, then boarded a Jet-Lite flight to Hyderabad and then on to Mumbai - and were here in the evening. This generous gift to us enabled a wonderful week to be capped off beautifully by us swooping down to Mumbai through the evening sky, gliding down past the orange-hued Western Ghats.

Then the next week I took an Air Deccan flight to Delhi. After a good 3 days of happy slogging on the SHALOM Delhi HIV Programme evaluation, I was back on a Spicejet flight to Mumbai.

This evening Mum and Dad missed a flight from Bangalore to here - they had just had supper and were rechecking their flight tickets for tommorrow evening's flight - when they realised that the flight had left an hour ago - today! We talked over the phone about it - and prayed - and soon a friend of theirs booked another ticket for tomorrow evening. Just in time for Asha's 7th birthday on the next day (the 16th of Jan!).

As I type - Peter, Yashmeet and Anmol are getting ready to board their flight from Hyderabad to Nairobi. We talked with them too - and prayed. Only the Lord can keep them safe.

We rest on Thee, our Shield and our Defender!
We go not forth alone against the foe;
Strong in Thy strength, safe in Thy keeping tender,
We rest on Thee, and in Thy Name we go.

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