Thursday, 31 January 2008

2 deaths and a new life

We found out today that two of our friends with HIV have died.

One man - who we will call Nathulal - had moved back to his village with his family as he felt he was not getting better here in Thane. His HIV positive wife remains in the village. We had tried to persuade Nathulal to stay on here but he was fixed on leaving. It was a miracle that he did not die in the train.

Another man - lets call him Tappan - died in a little hut. A long series of alcoholic relapses had interspersed his TB treatments. His wife had long since left - unable to bear the continual abuse she got from him. The day before he died one of our staff members - Rahul - had met him and again shared with him about Jesus. Which side of eternity Tappan is on is known only to our Lord.

We also found out that one of the many small miracles had taken place.

Bunty, the son of Mr and Mrs Washim (all names changed of course) was born 2 years ago to a broken family. Mr Washim was in the hospital with HIV. Mrs. Washim had just found out their infant daughter was HIV positive. There was so much despair.

But there was also prayer.

We prayed. The church prayed. Mr and Mrs Washim prayed. She took Zidovudine in her last month of pregnancy - and gave the drug to her infant child for his first month.

Bunty has been growing more and more beautiful. He weighs almost the same as his older by 3 year sister - who has HIV.

We found out today - that Bunty does not have HIV.

What an answer to prayer. It is like he has been given a new life!

We were dreading having to do the HIV test on Bunty - esp. as there was a small chance he would be postive despite the medication. We are so thrilled and really thank the Lord.

And so the 31st of January 2008 comes to an end. A month has already slipped by. People have slipped into eternity. The world continues to turn.

And so we are borne into the future. A chosen people, a holy nation, a royal priesthood - once we were not a people, now we are the people of God - being called out of darkness to show forth His glorious light

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  1. I've always had a sense of wonder -- how those in the medical field maintain their humanity and their compassion when death becomes such a part of their daily work.

    I'm sure it is miracles like you described that help provide hope and inspiration.

    As a teacher, I certainly don't see the daily battle of death & life so clearly.

    When on the front lines of AIDS -- what do you do to keep despair and frustration from overwhelming compassion and love?