Wednesday, 23 January 2008


The power of prayer continues to astound.

We take is oh so for granted.

Last week our staff were with a lady whom we have known for years. We will call her Tanya.

Tanya is a widow. She came to us in a deeply depressed state near the beginning of the JSK work in Thane and we started her on anti-retroviral medications.

Though Tanya's physical health stabilised somewhat - we did not see much progress in her inner person over these years. She tolerated the home-visits by our staff - and after we were able to get her onto the free government ART treatment, she stopped coming to JSK totally.

On this day last week when our staff met Tanya she was most upset.

Tanya had sent her teenaged son to get her medications from the government - and he had taken the empty plastic pill bottle to exchange it for her monthly meds. The problem was that she had put about rupees 2000 in the bottle - without telling her son - and he had taken that empty bottle with him. She was sure that her money was going to be lost - and could not contact the boy as he had left and there was no way to contact him.

Our staff told Tanya that they would pray. God would give the money back.

When I heard our staff share this in our meeting the next day I was a bit angry inside. Why are we raising false hopes? Why be so categorical in stating that God would restore the money?

Today I take my place along with Didymus.

The staff visited Tanya yesterday and found her so happy! When the boy had given in the bottle for exchange, he had heard a sound of a coin. Curious to see what it was, he opened it up and found the money - and brought it back home.

In such barren soil (both in Mrs. Tanya's life - and in my own heart) God answers prayer. He is a good father who loves us very much. Lets talk to him.

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