Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Looking around

Mussoorie is glorious.

Wherever you look, you see beauty.

Like this iconic scene from Mullinghar, looking out over Pari Tibba and the hills rolling down towards the plains.  And yes, there is a certain well-known school nestling along the first ridge too.

Poetry in form.  Early lightbeams painting the spurs with subtle hues, melting into the distance, waiting for the up-rise of sun to burn them into solid blocks of shade against the impossibly blue sky.

But hold on,

It's not everywhere you look that you see beauty.

After taking the shot above, I turned around, and saw this:

Same spot.  Two totally different views.

Why is it that most of what humanity touches looks so totally ugly?

So here is the question, do those living in this concrete monstrosity 'see' the beauty outside their windows (picture 1?).

And then the questions start spilling out:  Who lives here in the first place?  Why here and not somewhere else?  What are their stories?  What are their dreams?  What is the broad trajectory of their lives?  Which places have their paths crossed before ending up living just above Mullingahr, looking down on the valley which includes the residential accommodation for a school recently ranked No. 1 in India?

And what is going into their minds?  Do they take photos of the sunrises?  What forms the back-ground to their selfies?

How much does beauty shape our minds?

Questions, questions as we look around...

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