Monday, 29 August 2016

Some words on a wall...

Many years ago, when Stefan and Neeru were being married at the Christian Retreat and Study Centre in Rajpur, Dad wrote a message for them on a big chart paper wall hanging we prepared for them.

Here is what Dad wrote - in his inimitable handwriting.  Dad's words written in March 2005 ring out to us today as well:

Dear Stefan and Neeru,

Every day will be a whole eternity as you walk with the Lord.

All that happened yesterday is over and gone.

Whatever happened that wasn't so good or disappointing, put in God's hands and let His blood cover it... never let that thot ever bother you.

Whatever happened that [was] good... offer it as an offering to the Lord - for HIS GLORY!

"Tomorrow will never come" so you needn't worry about that.

By worrying anyway you cannot change anything.

So what is left? TODAY!!!

Live it to the fullest.  Enjoy every minute, every relationship.

See God in every moment, every object, every person.

At the end of each day, thank Him for having been with you, commit each other to Him, commit Tomorrow into His hands + have a goooooood restful sleep.

Love you both,



Thanks to Vinay and Melanie Rao for sending us this image and for their many ways of living out love to us as a family.   Much appreciated.

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