Saturday, 6 September 2014

Space race

It's been a long time, dear gentle reader, since we have seen anything lego-ish on this quainte olde blogge, yea and forsooth!

Part of the problem has been that you olde blogger has not been spending enough time with young Enoch on the floor with the lego bricks spread out on the floor and various contraptions being built.

Today was a small exception to that.

Using the pieces from the Taj Mahal set which the super-generous Vethanayagam family gave us earlier this year, we set to building something out of this world.

Space craft may be out of fashion for receiving large funding from governments with the 'cold war' on cold storage (or so we thought till the recent Ukraine adventures).

But at the scale of the little men in yellow - space craft will always continue - as long has they have boys - from ages 11 to 45 to dream about blasting off to other planets...

So here is Enoch's latest - a beefy rolling vehicle - made entirely from Taj Mahal pieces!

He also crafted a planet hopper.

Where the astronaut is able to take off vertically for easy access to deep gorges...

Asha in the meantime was pursuing more painterly quests.

She continues to delight us with her various artistic skills. This painting a copy of a picture in her school art book.  It is now being displayed at the famous gallery of called "Asha's Room Door."

But before I blast off to sleep, I have to have one final picture of today's outer space construction.

In the end, the old style still comes out tops doesn't it?

Here is the rocket Enoch and I worked on for most of our time playing with lego today.

You can almost hear the countdown taking place.... will the massive engines be ignited and send this beast shuddering through our atmosphere and then sling the capsule into a helpful trajectory towards the moon?

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