Saturday, 24 May 2014

Violence at what was once a home

He beat her.  She left him. 

With the kids.  Took all 4 of them to her mother's house.

She, he and their oldest son have stopped their ART medications.

Our staff have tried and tried to mediate.

But he will not stop accusing her.  And when he drinks he hits.  Our staff have warned him that he will be taken to the police if he continues.  The warnings are on deaf ears it seems.

A small man.  A smaller woman.  4 small kids.

A family torn apart.

Our hearts are heavy tonight.  And have been heavy for months as we have tried again and again to work with this family.

We were just about to send two children to a shelter home in another city when we hear that they are 'too young' for the home. Heart-break.

We know this family because 3 of the 6 members have HIV.  They have had some amazing things take place.  We have successfully treated the oldest boy - only 11 years old - for multi-drug resistant TB.  A 2 year course of daily medications - including 6 months of daily injections.  But everything is falling apart at this time.

The darkness in the heart of the father has not been cured by the medications we have given.

He will stand and give account one day before the Maker and Judge of this universe.

But in the meantime, the utter destruction that this man has caused in his own home is a gut punch.  

It's not a home any more.

Lord have mercy.  Lord have mercy.  Lord have mercy.

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