Sunday, 12 April 2015

This beautiful life

Today was a beautiful day of rest and worship.  Yesterday was a day of dizzying busyness.  Both days have bled into each other - and we are thankful for the many mercies received.

To recap:

We have had Dad at home with us since Thursday.   And we welcomed Neeru that evening - who had come to help out with Dad and was a great blessing to us all.

Each day has been another testimony to grace.  Dad is slowly gaining appetite, eating just a little more each time.  He has started to go downstairs for a walk once a day.  At the same time he continues to rest and be blessed by his reading and reflection and prayer.

We have a lovely little corner that Dad has made his own.  To read the Bible in the morning and then look through the news.

He also has his table with his meds and the inhalation exercise device.  And flowers too.

Mum meanwhile continues to be her lovely self.  Blessing us all with her love and care.  We have to shoo her away from the kitchen at times as we find her quietly washing the dishes and being the love-in-action person she has been to us over the years.

We are glad that Yohan has not had another fit - and have increased his dosage on his medications.  He loves having his photo taken - something his older siblings are a bit allergic to at present - so for your viewing pleasure - another Yohan shot with Mum!

One thing has to be said.  Though we are hardly happy for the reason that Mum and Dad are with us these days, we are so glad to have them here.  It is such a blessing to see them close up, to have them participate in the lives that we are living, to see their love for each other and the way that the sheer goodness of the Lord.   At the end of yesterday - it was time for a small conference of our elders:

So back to where I started

Yesterday was a blur.   JSK in the morning.  Then two amazing seminars on 'Doubt' and 'Hope' by Stuart McAllistar of RZIM, hosted at the Bethany Hospital.  Just one of the many things Stuart said during his talks: "Doubts are the half-way house between faith and unbelief.  Doubts addressed can lead to a strenthening of faith, while doubts unaddressed lead to unbelief."

Stuart had worked with OM for 2 decades and when he heard that Dad was recovering stopped in for a memorable visit.  We also had Bennet and Bernie stop by and bless us with cake from TH Bakes (they had also come for the seminar), as well as an early visit by Ajay and Shubra Shandilya and then Martha Udom.

But for us at JSK, things were just getting underway with an afternoon training session for the team to gear up for our Home-Based Care survey that kicks off tomorrow - while at the same time a number of our Positive Friends and others had come for consultations with Dr. Prasanna Jebaraj - who has recently retired from CMC Vellore where she had been serving as a psychiatrist for many years.  We were blessed to have Dr. Prasanna also address our JSK team and church members with an overview of helping people with mental health issues - a great blessing and more so because when she came over after a full day of serving others, she told us that she remembers Dad addressing the students at CMC Vellore during her student days.  What an amazing circle of blessing.

Neeru flew back to Delhi - leaving behind a delicious rajma dish which we devoured for lunch - after hosting our home church in our house today.  Dad shared in the worship time about how he really feels that he has 'come back from the dead'  and thanked all who have been praying and helping out near and far (and then he retired for rest in the other room while we continued). A long nap in the afternoon, then a gospel meeting at JSK in the evening.  Reading with Enoch.  A super supper.  All is well.  God is good.  Sleep is coming.  Grateful. This beautiful life.

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