Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Fasting and feasting

How good food is.

We eat it every day.  Sometimes just shovelling it down without a thought.  Other times nibbling at something and throwing it away.  Sometimes allowing it to rot in our fridges till mould sets in.

But what a joy to actually taste something, to actually swallow something when you have not done so for 2 weeks.

That's the joy Dad experienced yesterday as he had his first nibbles in a fortnight.

What a blessing that he can now slowly start eating.  His first meal was ... of course ... an idli with some sambhar!

And the answer to your question is 'No!'   Dad has not lost hair.  Dad has just been given a very close cropped buzz by his eldest son since Dad was uncomfortable with his locks.   We will wait out the question of chemotherapy for another date.  At present the key task is to get Dad's bodily functions up and running again.

Once again, the good folks at Bethany have been assisting Dad in his recovery.  A few days ago he had a lung infection.  A small pneumonial patch was seen in his upper lungs.  So medication has been given stat - including using an oxygen nebuliser to get the drugs right to the lungs.   Dad has been using these sessions to pray as the noisy bubbling, gurgling of the O2 flowing over the meds and vapourising it so that it can be breathed in goes on.

The white cotton hanging from the neck is the central line that is still in place at present.  There are multiple little tubes that can be hooked up to IV or medication drips as and when needed.  Very handy of course, but now that things are getting more and more normal for Dad - he has started taking some meds orally now - it is time to say goodbye to this... soon we hope!

One feeding option that we said good bye to yesterday was the feeding through the jujenal tube.  After two days of getting eggs mixed with milk directly into the intestines (Dad's feet had become a bit puffy from a lack of protein) - as well as regular water inputs over the past week - our nurses have stopped their jujenal injections.

And so ever so slowly, Dad's fasting is turning into feasting.  

We don't want to rock the boat, but are hoping for Dad to be discharged for home tomorrow.   

And so gradually our thoughts are turning towards the north, and Mussoorie!  Dr. Stephen feels that the jujenal tube should be in for 6 weeks after surgery... so that means Dad needs to be around here for another month or so of recovery.  

We will of course also have to talk to at least one oncologist as well.  But first things first - we hope to have a feast to celebrate Dad coming home ... and hopefully the feast will be tomorrow.

Thanks for your prayers and encouragement along this journey.  Here is a picture Mum snapped in the Bethany Hospital cafeteria.  It's pretty apt:


  1. Encouraged reading your blogs. Keeping uncle Ray in our prayers.

  2. Glory Glory to GOD! We continue to thank DADDY GOD. Andi how blessed are you to be getting all this time with your mum and dad...