Monday, 27 April 2015


Mum and Dad are due to arrive back in Mumbai at 9 PM tonight after a short 10 day 'urlaub' in the quiet and cool of Mussoorie.

The earthquake was felt by some people in Mussoorie - but not in Shanti Kunj.  When he rebuilt the old 'McCaughley Cottage' Dad took care to dig down into the bed-rock and put a steel/cement frame in so that barring them being at the very epicentre of a quake, it should hold firm for most Himalayan seismic activity.  Our hearts are heavy for the terrible suffering across Nepal and some parts of N. India.

Tomorrow afternoon Dad at 4.30 PM is scheduled to have a chemo-port inserted at Bethany Hospital here in Thane.  We expect his first dose of Chemo to be given the next day.

We just got back last night from a superb JSK staff retreat in Pune - and I was in Mirzapur district for the first 3 days of last week - so things have continued to be boiling away in our lives.

Hope to share more, but will just post as brief update.  Your prayers for the next steps in Dad's treatment are of course deeply appreciated.  

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