Thursday, 2 April 2015

Quick update on Dad

Dear Friends,

Thank you for your prayers on Dad's behalf.  When I got to the hospital last night the pain had subsided some - to a dull pain / discomfort.  Dad then asked for some pain-killer which was given in the night - and with that had a good deep sleep... and woke up this morning pain-free and in his normal chirpy self!

We understand that a sharp pain in the right shoulder usually signals some discomfort to the diaphram.  Dad also had a slight 100.2 degree fever for a short time.  This morning the physician changed the antibiotics, and an ultrasound was done which showed a small accululation of fluid near where the gall bladder was, and another near where the tube was inserted.   Dr. Stephen does not feel this is a major leak since the abodominal drain is clear and not bile-stained.  Also, Dad would be feeling really ill in such a situation.  So we are going to wait and see.  They will do another ultrasound tomorrow and compare!  The wonders of imaging...

Mum came over while Dad and I were in the ultrasound room.  She will be spending most of the day with him - ministering and reading from scripture (and we hope taking a few naps too).  They have walked 47 years together - and today is another opporunity for them to walk a little further on their common journey of love.

We are grateful that Dad is pain-free.  We are taking each day at a time.  Whenever Dad is asked 'how are you Uncle?' he replies 'getting better and better every day!'


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  1. Hi Ray, I pray that the resurrection strength of Christ will help you today! May God's love and presence be near you and your loved ones at all times.
    Yesterday I called Bea Cartmel who has just turned 95 on April 4, 2015. Bea wanted me to tell you that: "Bea is praying for you, Ray."