Monday, 31 December 2012

12 Things to be Thankful for in 2012

We are just 4 hours away from slipping into 2013.  In an hour we will meet with our house-church at Bro. Rolly's home and will spend the last bit of 2012 thanking God together with about 40 or so saints-in-progress.

There are more than 10,000 things to be thankful for in 2012, but here are 12 rather hurriedly put together ones in no particular order:

1.  An amazing time with Amma and Appa this past week in Vishakapatnam

2.  The knowledge that what the team and Sheba and I were able to do through Jeevan Sahara Kendra is written in the lives of so many people...

3.  Answered prayers.  Lots of them.

4. Asha and Enoch who continue to blossom.  As they grow into adolescence we have a wonderful set of joys in store for us (some of which we are already tasting.... I spent 2 hours yesterday and the day before exploring the binary code with Asha).

5. Books.  Bonhoeffer bio by Eric Metaxas was a stand out  this year.  We read through the Lord of the Rings as a family.  Superb.

6.  So many amazing friends and colleagues - take a bow John and Nalini, Vasu and Sheba, Jim and Leena, Jolly and Suma,  Arbind and Putul  the list just goes on and on.  Amazed to be so blessed.

7. The joys of daily life.  Taking Asha to school in the morning.  Reading a crisp new Indian Express in the morning with ginger chai.  A great meal with Sheba and the kids.   A clean rack of dishes and a sparkling kitchen counter.

8.  Goodbye scooter - hello Nano.  The Eichers moved onto the world's cheapest car - thanks to Tata genius in the year that my 5th standard classmate Cyrus Mistry took on the helm of the mighty Tata industrial empire!

9. Thirteen sun-spins of marriage over already?  Amazing - hats off to Sheba - my lover, inspirer, co-worker, provoker-to-good-deeds - remarkable woman of God.

10.  Aradhna concert.  Impossibility.  Made totally possible.  A night of sheer beauty - sound and light that still dances in my mind.

11.  Church camp.  Philip B teaching us through the joy of God's word.  Another impossibility that took shape.  Very grateful.

12.   Visitors.  We love guests.  Pradeep and Judith Ayer.  Stefan and Maria Winkler.  It was a rich time this year.

Wait there is so much else.  Mum and Dad's 7 PM calls on Monday evenings.  Asha's violin playing.  Help!

Ring in 2013.  A grateful set of Eichers thanks God for all mercies past and all that are to come!

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  1. sir,
    Wishing you,Sheba akka,Asha n enoch 'A very blessed New Year..Double dose of happiness & health'.
    I thank God for you n sheba akka, for being a Blessing n Inspiration to many;like me....
    Happy 2013!!