Sunday, 9 December 2012


As a girl, growing up in marxist East Germany, my Mum used to read about the 'ice tigers' - climbers who challenged the Himalayan heights.  She knew that she could never go there - thanks to the restrictions that the Soviet occupying forces (and the nation of Quislings that welcomed them) had put on young people - to keep them from the decadence of the west.

Today - many a year later - Mum lives in the Himalayas.   God has given them an amazingly beautiful home called Shanti Kunj. Mum loves hiking.  And trees.  And flowers.  And all things beautiful.  And being with people.  And reading her Bible in quiet corner of the hillside.  And when you are with her she will bubble over with enthusiasm about that bird that just flew by, and the small fern that is growing along the path...

Here are two pictures from her Facebook page.  The first from a hike that she took with a friend of hers to 'Pepperpot Cave'.

And the second is an early morning shot which she took of the majestic 'Bandar Poonch' mountain that dominates the view (on a clear day) from the top of the hill where she and Dad live in Mussoorie.
Not bad for a little girl who grew up under the marxists in Leipzig.  They are history.  She is living out God's grace with great joy.  Dreams come true.  Prayers see fruit.

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