Wednesday, 26 December 2012

To the sea!

The call of the sea is pretty strong for the Eichers.  Especially the youngest generation.  Having crossed all the way over to the East coast of our dear nation of India - we have to take advantage of a dip in the Bay of Bengal.

And so today we made a pilgrimmage to the beach.  To Yeradda beach outside Vishakapatnam.

The day was warm.  Not a cloud in the blue sky.  The sea water refreshingly cool.  Its boxing day!

There is of course serious work to be done.

Sand castles have to be built for one.

I mean, we can't just spend all our time frolicking in the waves can we?

We were well equipped this time - having raided Ammamma's kitchen for most of her plastic utensils - with the solemn promise that they would be well washed and brought back into spotless condition.  Those plastic bowls were sure put to use.  Moats were dug.  Castle walls made.  A bridge dug under the entrance.  The end result was a castle fit for a king.  At least a small sand king that is.

A lot of work has to be done.

Its good that we had two happy workman on hand.

And what fun to build and build.

To see something emerge out of sand.

And then at the end there is something to see.

A finished product.

And a proud builder.

But as grand as you make it - you always know one thing about sand-castles.

The sea will come in and take it away.  Sooner or later.

The same sea that destroys the grandest of sand-castles is also the one into whose waves we can run for a refreshing dip.

Yerrada beach is said to be a dangerous place - though we did not see any signs telling us that.  The waves were great fun.  A large sand-bar meant that most of the way into the water I was only at waist level. 

Even now, back home at Ammamma and Thatha's place in Tungalam village I can still feel the waves.  The feel of the sand in my toes.  The sound of the water tumbling over itself

What is it about the sea that draws us like a magnet?

Is it the awesome sight of a horizon that stretches out ahead of us?

Is it the romance of knowing that the waves could have come from the other side of the planet?

Or is it the sheer beauty of sun on surf - the never ending change of white foam crashing in - being gathered up into green waves - and then coming in again.

We were not alone at the beach - of course.  There were plenty of other revellers - some on the rowdy side - others walking primly along the strand.

After we had played ourselves out we retired to the pavillion.  For lunch of course!

Ammamma had stocked us up with her famous lemon rice and egg curry.  Add chips to the mix and some sprite and finish it off with some banana-coconut cake and you have a perfect picnic.

There was just one more session to be held.

We ended a lovely time with more swimming, more digging - and some kite-flying too!

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