Sunday, 30 December 2012

Making 'Murku'

So you want to make 'murku'?

So glad you asked how to do it.

‘Murku’ (or Murukku) has been enjoyed by generations of Tamilians and Andhraites (though they have a different name for it in Telegu).  When we arrived at Ammamma’s place this time she made us a fresh batch.  And on the last day we were sent back to Thane with a big bag of it.

So here is Ammamma’s secret recipe.  OK, now that its on the web its not secret anymore …
First get all your ingredients and equipment together (note – this enough to make *lots* of murku – but then who ever wanted to make just a little) :

a khardai (a heavy bottomed pan) to deep fry the murku
a bowl to mix
a ‘murku press’ (device to squeeze out the murku into the hot oil)
a stove  (obviously)

1 kg besan (chick pea flour)
¼ kg rice powder
1 handful of ‘til’ (sesame seeds)
1 tbsp 'ajwain' (carom seeds)
1 tbsp salt  (add it till you can taste it in the batter)
1 tsp baking soda
2 tbsp butter
At least 500 ml of sunflower oil – to fry it all in

1.       Mix all the above ingredients together in the bowl – keep adding water to end up with a smooth paste

2.       Leave aside for one hour.            

3.       Then heat the oil in a the khardai / deep pan 

4.       Place the paste into the ‘Murku press’ and squeeze out the strands into the hot oil.

5.       Turn over occasionally till it is light gold

6.       Remove and drain on tissue paper

7.       Repeat till all the paste has been turned into delicious goldness!

8.       Enjoy hot!  Or keep for later.  

   Munchy, crunchy murku!


  1. Even mallus have their own murukku. But, I've always preferred the Tamil/Andhra variety as it is more spicy and hot. Thanks for the recipe.