Thursday, 17 July 2008

There be giants

Rahul, one of our JSK staff, shared in the morning devotions about the nation of Israel at the threshhold of the promised land.

They sent in spies to see what was there - the majority report was: fruitful but fearful. There were giants there - in whose eyes we seemed like grass-hoppers.

Rahul shared that he had experienced this last week. Sheba had referred Rajiv to Sion hospital for treatment. Rahul was asked to go along. The discharge from the private hospital in Thane took a long time. When it was time to go, Rahul saw the vehicle - a big one - that the family brought. He noted that these were people of wealth. Their size itself was huge. They insisted that Rahul sit in the front seat. He felt very small and scared. What will these people think of me? he thought and prayed hard all the time the vehicle was moving to the city and Sion hospital.

But when he got to the casualty department everything changed. As if in a dream, Rahul found himself able to guide the whole admission process smoothly. "The hospital treated me as if I was one of their staff" - doors were opened to him - while the portly and wealthy relatives were told to wait. Rahul was able to meet a doctor immediately who gave a sympathetic hearing and immediately started the admission process. God's hand was very much at work - and Rahul shared that he had seen his own personal giants of fear and feeling small and worthless defeated by the power of God himself.

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