Sunday, 20 July 2008


Question and answers around the dining room table tonight:

Who is your most important teacher?

Answer from Asha and Enoch: "God, then our parents, then the uncles and aunties at church who teach us how to love, then our teachers at school."

Oh that we would keep this in mind throughout life.

So much of the time we spend muddling along on our own - when our great teacher - the wonderful counselor is there to help us.

Its been a great day - I was in town to meet with church leaders - we are preparing for a one-day meeting with Philip Yancey at the end of the year. Sheba took the kids out for a play in the play ground. Saroj - the lady who helps us at home - gave us the good news that her son had been admitted into junior college and her 3rd son had shifted schools. Asha and Enoch napped before Asha had her violin lesson in the afternoon. Hrishav, Urvashi and Jason came over - and their mothers joined Sheba for a ladies fellowship at Doris Jayakar's place. Yours trully played pictionary with the kids. Ryan, Reneta and Thomas came over for a time of prayer about the youth work - and having just visited the home of a family with HIV. We discussed and prayed and I had a prayer with one of the lads. We then went over to Lok Hospital to see little Joshua Thomas who was admitted earlier today with wheezing. He is getting better and we were able to talk and pray with his Dad. Then back home (10 PM by now) and a late supper and washing up and now it is past 12. Though we are tired, we really want to thank God for so many wonderful opportunities to experience Him today. He is a wonderful counsellor!

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