Saturday, 12 July 2008

Hidden epidemic

130 friends in 6 years.

That's how many people with HIV have died. And that is only counting those whom we have gotten to know through JSK - and about who we know their outcomes. We are not counting the many with HIV who moved away from here - or those who told us that they did not want any further contact with us.

All around us, life goes on as usual. The traffic snarls. The pigeons are fed by the Jains. The monsoon plays hide and seek.

But interspersed in the fabric of our city - is a hidden net of holes. Lives that should be still lived out. Gone.

HIV continues to be the disease that dare not speak its name. The sheer terror of acknowledging one's status is enough to keep people who know they have the infection silent.

Sadly, we keep seeing people who actually die, because they have postponed their revealing of their status till its too late to get help. They are so sick that they do not recover. A heavy price to pay for the apparent peace of today. Fact is that we all seem to believe that 'everything will turn out ok.' If I can only swing it a bit longer - then things will be alright.... Not always. Not often.

Lets not keep quiet about this epidemic any more. Lets speak up. Lets calmly but clearly let light into what are often dark places.

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