Sunday, 13 July 2008

In praise of the dosa

As a family we just got back from a bracing talk about how we as followers of Christ are to be good stewards of God's wonderful creation.

By the time we were home it was 9.30 PM. What to eat at this time of the night?

What better than a dosa! Out of the fridge comes the batter ('Maow') and a short time later a peanut-coconut chutney is made. The morning's alu-bhajji is added and we have a meal fit for a king. Fit for a royal family!

Hooray for the dosa - that crispy yet soft treat! Hooray for the goodness of coconut chutney! Hooray for the love we receive well mixed into our food!

Stanley Nelson reminded us earlier this evening: food is a gracious gift from God.

We couldn't agree more (esp. after 4 dosas are comfortably resting in my stomach)!

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