Monday, 8 February 2016

Writing about writing


First words have been written.

Will they make it to the final book?

Yes, I just used that magical word 'book'.

Earlier this hour, the first 'official' writing session started for my parents' memoir.   I hope to put in at least 4 hours a day for the next 2 weeks.

We have a long, long way to go.

In listening to the kind words of gentle readers who have chimed in so far, I am writing in the third person.

Today's FaceBook stream has a note that Jamie Dickinson's father has a memoir out of the family's years in Nepal: A Yak in the Fridge.  Jamie was a year ahead of my at Woodstock and has contributed a chapter too.  I met Dr. John Dickinson briefly at a workshop in Bangkok in 2001 or so.  A lifetime of experience in missionary medicine.

Encouraging to know that others are writing too.  And that words written down end up as books.

For me, the big mountains still lie ahead.  For this long-hoped for project, I have just gotten off the bus at Manikaran, the last town on the road-head in Himachal Pradesh, and have been organising the supplies for the expedition to scale the Dharam Sura peak.  Today's words on screen are the first limbering up of the long haul, the big hike, the climb up the pass which I cannot see yet, while still down here in the valley.


"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." is what Laozi is attributed as saying 2.5 millenia ago.

Write on!


  1. Thanks for mentioning us, Andi. The book includes quite a bit about HIV in Nepal and our efforts in Sakriya Unit, now Sakriya Sewa Samaj. Blessings. John

  2. This is incredible writing indeed and here we can learn many aspect.