Monday, 15 February 2016

To Do List...

"If you want to paint a picture, or make a sculpture, make sure you don't wait till you retire till you do it!

You will be far too busy in retirement to do anything like that!"

Our dear uncle Stefan Winkler gave us this droll advice (accompanied by his wonderful booming laugh - and Aunty Maria dry quiet smile) on one of his and aunty Maria's visits to us here in Thane a few years ago.

I haven't retired yet (yikes! what a thought!) - but have found that time seems to be behaving in strange ways.

I am officially working half time with EHA - and have spent my first 2 week stint in Lalitpur plunging into the work there.   I am now over half way through my 2 weeks in Thane - which I had set aside for writing... except that life at large seems to be eating up the writing.

So here is what we are hoping to do in the next 6 days before I get on the train at 12.10 AM on Monday morning and head up North for the next Lalitpur sojourn...

1)  Write, write, write.   Mum and Dad have sent me some of their thoughts so I have plenty of material to chew on.  These precious days are not going to come back again...

2)  Work on Yohan's papers.  We are still apparently far from getting the hoped for permanent documents... but hope springs eternal - and we serve the Lord of Lords.

3)  Be part of our church here in Thane.  We have a Tuesday night Bible study and meal at Sister Shanti's home - and are currently meeting on Sundays in our home for the next few weeks.  I plan to finish off a small 2 part series on God's love on the 21st.

4) Make a decision on our Happy Valley Home flat.  Its been a wonderful home for us, but we need to decide who should use it next.  We are talking and praying with some of our friends on this.

5)  Share about our next step with two evening meetings - Wed night at our place, Thursday night in Mulund (so far).  Need to get a presentation up and running for this.

6) Ferry the kids to school (a daily activity) and also attend the 'founders day' exhibition where Enoch's group will be showing their prize-winning science project and two of Asha's canvases will be on display in the art section (proud Dad speak).

7) Welcome Mum and Dad - they are coming in on Thursday evening for a month-long time with us.

8) Celebrate Enoch's 13th birthday.   19th of Feb. is the big day - which he shares with the legendary Maratha Warrior King Shivaji.  Details on what we will be doing are still a bit sketchy, but hope to firm up plans soon.

9) Be quiet.  Spend time with Jesus.  Listen.  Read.  Talk.  Pray.

A great week lies ahead.  Plunge in!

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