Friday, 5 February 2016

Please pray for Mahesh

Our life seems hospital centered - at least for the near future!

After lunch I stopped in at the Bethany Hospital today to see how our amazing successor as leader of Jeevan Sahara Kendra - Jolly Phillips - was doing.  Turns out he is doing great.  Its his first full week on the job and he and the staff just finished their monthly review meeting - so it was wonderful to see all the lovely smiles of our old friends!

One of them was Mahesh Kamble, who along with his wife Bhavani are looking for a new place to rent.  We had a short chat before I had to head off to try and meet Dr. Stephen to schedule Dad's next appointment and a possible hernia operation.  I waited outside Stephen's clinic for some time - but there were plenty of patients so I had to push off since it was time for me to do my turn of the car-pool and pick up Asha and Enoch and their 2 friends from school at 3 PM.

Just before 6 PM I got a call from Jolly.

Mahesh has been admitted at Bethany Hospital.   I was in the car (our beloved and slightly battered 'Papaya'... ahem - we interrupt this blog to note that Asha has corrected me to say that there are 'huge dents in the side') with Enoch having just done an errand.  I dropped off Enoch outside our complex headed back to the hospital to meet Jolly who was also driving to the hospital.

While waiting for Jolly, Dr. Stephen walked up.  He says that the patient load at Bethany continues to rise and that he now starts working at 6 AM on many days.  The challenges of success.   Jolly joined us as we were talking.  He had been trying to meet Stephen for a week!  Life in the fast lane.

We went up to see Mahesh.

He is not only admitted in the hospital - but into the ICU.  It seems that he has had a mild heart attack.

At 34 years of age.   1 year into his marriage.   2 years into his work at Jeevan Sahara Kendra.  A quiet pocket of dynamite of a man.  A deep convictions.  Sacrificial living.  A faith in his sweet Lord Jesus that galvanizes all that he does.

Now he is the the ICU.  We understand that he is not in serious danger, but that the doctors want to monitor him.  Its hard to have a heart attack before you are 35. 

Mahesh's life has taken a totally different turn today.  Will you please uphold him in prayer.  Pray for his wife Bhavani who is spending the night with friends.

As a family during our evening prayers we sang a simple but powerful reminder of whom we serve:

Ah Lord God, thou hast made the heavens and the earth by thy great power
Ah Lord God, thou hast made the heavens and the earth by thine out-streched hand
Nothing is too difficult for thee (no, no, no), nothing is too difficult for thee
Great and mighty God, great in counsel and mighty in power,
Nothing, nothing, absolutely nothing, nothing is too difficult for thee.

Thanks for praying for Mahesh and Bhavani.


Post-script:  Saturday 6th Feb. 2016

Mahesh has been discharged.  The ECG showed that something was wrong with his heart and so he was admitted for observation and treatment.  The other tests, however, such as 2D Echo etc. did not find further problems, so Mahesh was discharged from Bethany hospital this afternoon.  Thank you Lord!

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