Sunday, 2 August 2015

Sunday afternoon prayer

A small group of us sat around for prayer this afternoon.

We start our first Sunday of the month with both of our house-fellowships in Thane meeting together for worship - and having a fellowship lunch afterwards.  The idea is then to spend time together in prayer and sharing - and hopefully go out and visit folks that we need to as a church.

The visiting part seems to have dried up right now.  And most folks head home or out for other things right after lunch.  So the praying gets done by small number.  So it goes.

And who do we have in this number?  We have a young woman whose mother is deeply depressed.  We have a couple expecting their second child and where the husband is on medication to deal with anxiety issues.  We have a couple who has adopted an 11 year old boy and who are working through various issues in their lives.  We had a young man who has been heading his family since his widowed mother died when he was age of 14 - who is looking after his two younger siblings - one studying, the other sitting at home.  We have a young unmarried executive who has just been promoted up the ladder in a new company, who started out his working life living in a slum home similar to the one where the other young man lives.

A small flawed group.  Sharing with each other.  Telling of the small steps forward we see our church taking.  Bringing these matters to the lover of our souls - our dear Lord Jesus.

As I looked at this small circle, I could not help but wonder at the mystery of prayer.  How we with all our flaws can approach the Holy One - and know that what our hearts are speaking out, with that little smidgen of faith we have, is actually listened to - and answered in various ways.

And so our prayers went up.  Sharing then prayer.  In twos and threes.  Ordinary people, with lots of things hanging out, calling on the Lord.  And that's the way it has always been. Jesus with his small number of misfits - not the rich and famous and successful - but the available.  And the called and recalled. 

Here we are 2K years later.  Recreating this small group.  Talking together, and talking with the Lord together.  A good way to spend part of a Sunday afternoon.  A good way to impact a slice of eternity.

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  1. What a blessed Sunday afternoon, Andi. Each of this ordinary soul, is chosen and placed by the Lord , for the exact measure of Grace they received and gave out through fellowship.