Thursday, 13 August 2015

Giving Dad's neutrophils a boost

Dad met his oncologist Dr. Bakshi this evening.  The complete blood count that he had done earlier in the day was not 'good.'

Overall his white blood cells are at 3500 per cubic mm of blood - and the percentage of that which are neutrophil is only 18 percent.   That means Dad has only about 630 neutrophils per cc of blood at present.  An oncologist will want at least 1500 or so before he starts the next dose of chemotherapy - which is due tomorrow.

So for the first time, Dr. Bakshi asked Dad to have a shot of filgastrim (you learn so much about the body and pharmacology when there is cancer in the family).  This drug stimulates the bone marrow to produce more neutrophils.  It came at Rs. 1800 a shot. 

Let's see how it does (and your prayers are much appreciated to get it to do what it should).  Tomorrow Dr. Bakshi would like Dad to have another complete blood count done and meet him at 11 AM.  If the neutro count is up - then Dad gets admitted for the next 2nd dose of his 4th round of chemotherapy.  If not... then we will see.

Here's to Dad's neutros getting a boost - at least enough for him to be able to get the next dose of chemo tomorrow!

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